Trade Feed allows customers to receive and process real-time Execution Report and Acknowledgement messages as they are sent over order system sessions on a separate, dedicated path.

Trade Feed processes these messages, enabling customers to aggregate positions and monitor orders for one or more firms over any trading platform or system.

Trade Feed

Trade Feed provides a copy of all orders for all entitled sessions into the Firetip infrastructure. Whether the trade is placed by a Certigo product or by any third party vendor, using Trade Feed you can bring these trades into the Firetip system for risk management and position details purposes.

Execution Reports

As trades are placed, the execution reports are captured by Trade Feed and become available immediately in the Firetip infrastructure. You can view the risk on the account real-time and your clients can see the positions and orders in their account, even though the trade was not placed with a Firetip platform.

Risk Solution

Control your risk. By leveraging Firetip’s real-time account balance and margin requirements detail and incorporating Trade Feed, you now have an end-to-end solution for risk management purposes. See real-time positions and risk for your entire organization from one risk management module.

Order Archive

Archive your orders. Forever. By introducing trades via Trade Feed they are eligible for archival to Certigo’s historical trade archive. You can maintain your orders in the archive perpetually so that you can pull them up anytime on demand.

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