Exchange Proximity Hosting

For algorithmic, high-frequency, or low-latency traders, co-locate at the exchange datacenter. Certigo can offer you colocation at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange datacenter, ICE US, ICE Canada, or ICE Europe. Colocation is available at BrokerTec or eSpeed. Place your servers and equipment under the same roof as the exchange datacenter within feet of the exchange matching engines.

For the Traders

For algorithmic, high-frequency, or low-latency traders, server co-location at an exchange datacenter will provide you with an ultra-low latency solution. You simply cannot get any closer or faster to the matching engines.

Best in class

Certigo does not piggy-back switches or cross-connect over extra hops. With an unlimited budget you simply could not build a shorter path to the exchange matching engine. Plug as direct to the exchange as possible.

Turnkey Solution

Certigo can offer you a turnkey solution for your market access needs. If you need us to pick up your server, lease you equipment, or source the purchase of new equipment, Certigo can offer take you from start to finish. We have the expertise and product know-how to build and configure your equipment for the lowest latency possible.

You keep the key

Certigo does not require passwords or access to your servers. Keep your box locked and your data encrypted. While you may wish to give us access initially during the initial start-up, or for technical assistance in the post-installation, this is never a requirement. We respect the confidentiality and privacy of your systems and give you every option to fully protect your intellectual property and trading algorithms.

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